Exercise Science 101 – Part 3 – Repeat

#3 – Repeat

The word repeat means  that you need to be consistent.  You have to apply the other principals from part 1 (stress) and part 2 (relax) over and over again for years to truly achieve your athletic potential.


Webster’s Definition of the word “Consistent”

Obey the Law – The Natural Law

If we want to get stronger and more powerful then we have to respect the laws of nature.  It would be silly if a farmer planted seeds one day then expected full grown crops a day, a week or even a month later.  So why do some people think that once they hit the gym their muscles are gonna grow over night?

Farmer’s work hard every day to tend to these seeds with water, nutrients, sunlight and rest so that they can reach their full potential and grow big and stronger.  Plants sleep too!!

So if you want your muscles to grow bigger and stronger you have to apply these same principals.  You have to plant the seed with the stress of a workout then you have to provide your muscles with water, nutrients, sun light (vitamin D is very important) and some rest,

Unfortunately some players have tried to break this natural law and had to pay the price.

Time is on your side

Once you have come to the realization that the size and strength of your muscles can’t change as drastically overnight it becomes a question of time and consistency.


You can become a Big League Athlete but it will take time, hard work and smart work.

Graeme Lehman


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