Back at it

I apologize for the lengthily delay between posts but here are my excuses of what I have been doing baseball wise.

1. I was writing my thesis which I will discuss in later articles about the lower body’s contribution to throwing velocity.

2. I was the head coach for the Junior Cannons of the Premier baseball league here in BC which was great but very time demanding.

3. Watched all of the playoffs – game 6 of the World Series was amazing!!

Since we are in the off-season and getting close to Christmas I wanted to use it as an excuse to repost my “Tis the Season for Strength and Size” which you can find below or copy this link:

And I will have some new content as well.

Graeme Lehman


  1. excavator

    Good to have you back.
    question: i have a rotator injury, liveable but would like to male faster recovery than i am. injured in feb. Doing stretch tubing locked elbow pulls that physio guys got me gping on, but not much progress.

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