Lower Body Power and Throwing Velocity – My Thesis is Done!!!

One of the reason I initially started this blog as was to write about the studies that I came across while I was performing research for my master’s thesis, a thesis that I am happy to report is done!!

My study looked at the correlation between lower body power and the throwing velocity of male college baseball players.  That’s why we titled the study:

Correlation of Throwing Velocity to the Results of Lower Body Field Tests in Male College Baseball Players.

The study is available to view on pub med (link below) and will be published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.


If you can’t view the entire study and you want to read the whole thing please e-mail me (graeme.lehman@gmail.com) and I will send you the PDF.

If you aren’t into reading journal papers (don’t blame you) check out this interview I did with Eric Cressey who is the guru of baseball strength and conditioning.


I hope you enjoy this research and find a way to implement it.  Now that the Vancouver rainy season is upon us I promise to write more and I will be sure to talk in-depth about this research along with many other useful topics.

Graeme Lehman

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