Lehman’s Baseball Update

After years of neglect I have finally taken the time to organize this site and make it more manageable for anyone who wants to read these nerdy exercise science/baseball articles that I’ve accumulated over the last 4 years. At the top of the page you’ll find a menu that has organized most of my posts into nice and neat categories.  These topics represent what I’ve spend the most time studying and might want one day research so more than anything I needed to restructure the site for myself to try to keep most of my thoughts organized in one place.

Mechanics & Velocity: This page is where I’ve organized all of my articles about throwing hard.  Most of the articles are related to research papers that I try to translate into “Lehman’s Terms” so that coaches and players can understand and benefit from this great information.

Baseball Athletic Testing: I’ve added another page at the top dedicated to the testing of baseball players.  I’ve had a ton of interest on this subject ranging from MLB teams and Division I NCAA school’s to high school. It’s by far my most popular subject and I’m evening thinking of trying to clean it up (by this I mean adding in some more references) and try to get it published and sent out to more coaches since I think that this information is important and needs to get out there. I’d like to thank those that have sent back some of their testing numbers

PAP (Post Activation Potentiation): While I’ve only written one article about this subject I have studied it a lot.  When I originally started my master’s program I had the idea of doing some research about how this exercise physiology phenomenon could help baseball players improve their performance.  I even went so far as to write a literature review which I’ve posted up on this page so if you are really keen on the geekier side of exercise science you might want to check it out.

Rotator Cuff:The largest series of posts on this site explored the rotator cuff.  It goes into a lot of detail about this group of muscles that every baseball player has heard of but very few know and understand how it works.

I’ve got another topic in the works but it is a topic that I have only recently started to study so the articles are coming but I am very excited to jump into this rabbit whole because I think it has the most potential to help young players get better and benefit from the type of information that you can find on this site.

I hope that you enjoy the new user friendly layout of the site and I am looking forward to contributing more material in the near future.


Graeme Lehman, MSc, CSCS,


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    Nice work man, I really like your stuff. Do you have any available time in the near future to speak?

    I’m a big fan of your work.

    Lantz Wheeler BaseballThinkTank.com

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