Pitching Seminar Annoucement – I am Super Pumped!!!

In one month I will have the honor of presenting at this year’s Pitch-a-Palooza hosted by Lantz Wheeler in Nashville, Tennessee.  It is quickly becoming the premiere pitching seminar in all of baseball.

Lantz runs BaseballThinkTank.com which is an incredible resource for pitching information not to mention the fact that he works with some guys that can reach triple digits!!!

I should have mentioned this earlier but I am busy trying to put a really good presentation together because as you’ll see from the line of speakers below I have some really big shoes to fill.

The line up of speakers is incredible and I am really humbled to be part of it all.  I am just thankful that Lantz stumbled upon this site a couple of years ago and found the information that I’ve presented to be thought provoking and useful.

I am not sure if many people that read this site live in the Nashville area but I would suggest trying to get down there to be a part of this seminar.  If you can’t make it I know that Lantz records the whole thing and sells the DVD’s which would be great since you can watch it over and over again.  Here is where you can get more info on attending or buying the DVD’s.

While I am excited that I get to present I am equally pumped to learn from the other presenters. Here is a list of the presenters along with Lantz Wheeler and myself.  The coaches that I am mentioning are just from the pitching side of things – check out the whole line up here.

Paul Nyman:  the “Godfather” of Modern Day Pitching Mechanics.  This guy is a legend which is why he has gotten the highly coveted “Godfather” status.  Check out his paradigm shifting work at Setpro.com.  Click here to read the “Best of Paul Nyman” on Lantz’s site.

Derek Johnson: pitching coordinator for the Chicago Cubs and former pitching coach at the Baseball Power house known as Vanderbilt University.  Coach Johnson is also the author of the “Complete Guide to Pitching” which is a great resource.

Kyle Boddy: probably the biggest pitching nerd out there, I mean this in a good way.  He runs Driveline baseball in Seattle and has pushed me to become bigger and better pitching nerd as well.

Matt Blake: this guy has my dream job being the pitching coordinator at one of the best gyms in the world, Cressey Performance.  This however happens to only be one of his many baseball related jobs.

The following college pitching coaches are presenting.  If you don’t know who they are that’s because they are too busy coaching and don’t have as much to write about it and promote themselves.

Scott Brown:  Pitching coach at Vanderbilt University.  Winners of the 2014 NCAA World Series Champion.  Pretty impressive.

Butch Thompson: Pitching Coach at Mississippi St. University.  Runner up in the College World Series in 2013 and has 25 pitchers in the MLB Baseball.

Blake Herring:  Pitching Coach at Carson Newman University

Kevin Erminio: Pitching Coach at Kennesaw St. University

I will be sure to follow up with a re-cap of the seminar with some high lights of what I learnt from this amazing seminar.

Graeme Lehman


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