Building Baseball Speed – Part 4

This is where the rubber really meets the road with the exact cues that you need to know as both a player or coach to get the most out of your acceleration mechanics.

Below are some links that I am talking about.  They are on another site that I have been building for a while now called “Big League Athlete”.  It is a site that is geared towards young athletes that want to become better baseball players.  My goal with the site is to make something that I would have wanted as a kid wanting to become as good of a baseball player as I could.  The site is by no means perfect or a finished product.  it does however provide a lot of great info that most players can benefit from.

Acceleration Cues – Upper Body

Acceleration Cues – Lower Body

Please let your players that you deal with know about it since there is a ton of great information on it and I plan on filling it up with a lot more.

Since you are reading this site I welcome any feed back about either of these two sites.

Thanks again

Graeme Lehman Msc, CSCS

p.s I will continue to post articles of this site.  Articles that appeal to the real baseball/exercise science fan that wants to understand the principals and research behind enhanced baseball athletic performance.

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