Webinar – Use Your Legs!!!

For the last month I’ve been hard at work putting together the next part of my Customized Mechanics Series and it is taking on a life of it own.  It will be at least be a 3 part series and I can see it becoming part of my e-book that I mentioned here about testing baseball players and how to use the results to make players better.

In the mean time I wanted to send out a webinar that I put together for a group of coaches about how to use the lower half.

This webinar is called “Use Your Legs” which was a something that I heard from coaches my whole life but never really knew what it meant.

Some research is discussed but mostly I wanted to talk about the practical application side of things since I wanted to make this useful for coaches.  In it I discuss some ideas of what you say to pitchers and what kind of on-field drills/exercises can be done to improve lower half mechanics and force production.

Hopefully you like it and find it to useful.


Graeme Lehman, MSc, CSCS

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