Chris Sale’s Mechanics & Training

Ironically a couple of days after I published my latest article about building customized mechanics and the vitally important role that antropometrics play I came across a video that I wanted to share.

The video is an interview with Chris Sale who I used as an example in my last article due to his unique and extreme antropometrics and overall physical profile.

In it he discuss’ how he made the change from a more over the top thrower to what he is today, a sidearm flame thrower.


Later in the video he also mentions how his off-season program isn’t about “Power Lifting” and more about be “agile” and “flexible” as he describes what is important to him.  This is something that I will get into when I start to talk about other parts of the physical profiles like mobility/flexibility, strength, elastic energy.

From this interview we can start to imagine what Chris Sale’s profile looks like and how you can generate a lot of power with long limbs and high levels of mobility and elastic energy.  Thus making it possible for a guy who won’t impress you at all in the weight room to generate world class velocity.

Check out the video here

Looks like we are the right track here!!

Graeme Lehman, MSc, CSCS


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