My name is Graeme Lehman and welcome to my site.  Below you can read all about how I got all those letters behind my name through my education and experience.  What you really need to know is that I am very passionate about sharing what I have learnt and experienced to others.  My goal is to take the hard to understand Scientific jargon and translate it into Layman’s terms.  This was too easy of a play on words with my given last name not to pass up.  

I started this site as a way for me to better understand the scientific papers that I was reading while completing my master’s degree.  The rational was that if I could take what I was reading and make it into an article that others could understand then I would have a much better understanding of what I was learning.  It was this thought process that I have continued beyond the completion of my research thesis which reported the importance of plan specific power to the prediction of throwing velocity.

This site continues on as a means for me to learn more about this game and the science that it is built upon.

I hope that you find the information here to be both educational and practical.


Graeme Lehman, MSc, CSCS, BBA

Baseball Coach

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach (remote) – Central Florida College (2015-current)
  • Pitching & Strength Coach with the Okanagan Athletics of the Premiere Baseball League (2014-current)
  • Strength & Skill coach with West Vancouver Baseball Academy (2012-2014)
  • Strength coach/skills coach with the North Shore Twins of the Premiere Baseball League (2011-13)
  • Strength and conditioning coach for the UBC Thunderbirds Baseball team.(2009-11)
  • Assistant Coach with the Vancouver Cannons of the Premiere Baseball League (2010)
  • Head Coach of American Legion Team in Jamestown, ND.  2002 & 2003


  • MSc in Exercise Physiology from the Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  • My research focuses on lower body power and its relationship to throwing velocity in college level baseball players.  Correlation of Throwing Velocity to the Results of Lower Body Field Tests in Male College Baseball Players.
  • Click the link to read the abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.qe2a-proxy.mun.ca/pubmed/22706576
  • BA in Business from Jamestown College, ND.

Professional Career (Strength Coach)

    • Currently Strength & Conditioning Coach in Kelowna
    • My professional certifications include: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Functional Movement Screen certified (FMS) as well as a Biosignature practitioner through Charles Poliquin’s Bio Sig.
    • 11+ years working as a full time strength coach




  • On-line training
  • Consultations

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