Mechanics & Velocity

Throwing mechanics are complicated.  But if you want to throw hard and safe you need good mechanics. If you read the articles below I am sure that you will learn a thing or two but you’ll probably end up with more questions as you peel back the layers of this onion that we call pitching mechanics.

Since this topic is so broad itself I wanted break into some subcategories

The Lower Body and how it contributes to Throwing Velocity

The Front Leg – Stop and Transfer Energy

We Need Strong Legs to Pitch!!!

The Back Leg – Ground Reaction Forces in Pitching

Rotational vs. Linear Power

What Shot Putter’s Can Teach Use About Throwing a Baseball Really Hard

Throwing Over the Top – Increased Velocity and Chance of Injury

Throwing Over the Top Part Two

Studies About Things That Help You Throw Harder and Safer

Three Mechanical Point that Allow you to Throwing Harder

The X-Factor for Increased Velocity

How Running Poles will Kill Your Lower Body Power and your Fastball

How Pitching for 8+ months of the year and going to off-season showcases can hurt your arm


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