Baseball Athletic Testing

This has become an area of great interest of mine and a lot of other coaches.  In one of my very first articles I proposed what I felt were the 5 Athletic Tools that a high level baseball player should posses.  Having been both a strength & conditioning coach and a baseball coach for 10 years I’ve gained an appreciation for the athletic side of baseball and I was lucky enough to perform some research in this field when I completed my master’s thesis.

The Big League Athlete Combine

The article that really brought all this together was this one about the Baseball Combine that I proposed and how I think that we can do a better job of testing baseball players.

In the article I ask why we are using a 60 Yard Dash to assess baseball players since they never sprint that far in a straight line.  Baseball is a game all about acceleration, how fast can you run 10 yards.  If you don’t believe me then check out this article on the importance of acceleration.

The concept of power I feel is also very important when testing players.  Power is FORCE times SPEED and the raw results (seconds in the sixty or inches in the vert) only tells us about speed. The force side of the equation is all about body weight and when it comes to hitting or throwing a baseball having lots of body weight is a good thing.  As long as the body weight won’t slow you down too much which is what useless weigh in the form of fat while do, the kind of extra body weight we want is muscle.  Here is another article on the importance of body weight and jump height and how it relates to power and hitting home runs.

If you want to calculate your power just send me an e-mail ( and I will forward you a spread sheet that I put together that has everything you need and goes along with the Baseball Combine article.  I’ve sent this exact spread out to teams ranging for the majors and NCAA I to high schools from all over Canada and the United States.

My original goal of this site was simply to help baseball players become better athletes.  This is a result of my passion for both baseball and exercise science. My Wanna Get Drafted Out of High School??  article goes into great detail about just how athletic professional teenage baseball player are when they get drafted.  Young athletes can use these numbers as goals that they can work towards and professional strength coaches can also use this information to tailor training programs.







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