Power Prep Workout

This type of workout is perfect for the day before you play.  It is designed to get your muscles fired up while keeping them fresh.  By having the intensity up we are getting our muscles ready for what they need to do tomorrow.  The volume, which is the sets and reps, are kept low because we want to avoid making our muscles tired.  Too much volume is more often the culprit when we see a decrease int he amount of muscular power you can produce.

So follow the sets and reps along with the rest properly so that you get the benefit from this workout when you play tomorrow.

Following your warm up try this example workout

order exercise Sets Reps Rest
a1 Skips 4 height 3 8/ 30
a2 1 arm band pullaparts 3 8/ 30
a2 alt side plank 3 5x2sec/ 60
b1 mb scoop 4 height 3 5 30
b2 band reverse flys 3 12 60
b3 kneeling t-spine 3 30sec/ 60
c1 lat power step ups 3 8 30
c2 knee drives 3 10 30

skips for height 1 arm pullaparts alternating side plank





med ball toss 4 height band reverse flys kneeling ext & rot





Bench step up jujmps ankle mobilization